Q: Does Lenipsor+ use cortisone in its formulation?
A: No, a 100% plant extract is used within the formulation of Lenipsor+ BioActive GEL

Q: Can I purchase only the GEL or do I have to purchase all the products in the line to treat plaques?
A: Yes you can use only the GEL

Q: Do you need a doctor's referral to purchase your products?
A: No, they are products that can be purchased freely.

Q: Besides from the website www.lenipsor.it where can I purchase your products? 
A: Currently in some Italian and Swiss pharmacies.

Q: How long does it take to see treatment results?
A: Normally our patients begin to see results after 7 days of treatment, but it is always important to complete at least the 2-month cycle by applying BioActive GEL Lenipsor+, 2 times a day.

Q: Can I also use your product for other conditions?
A: Tests with BioActive GEL Lenipsor+ were carried out on patients with psoriasis, manifested through plaques.