What causes psoriasis to occur.

There is no single cause associated with the manifestation of psoriasis, some of the main factors that can trigger the typical rashes are:
- Stress and all circumstances that have a negative impact on a person's psyche;
- all types of trauma to the skin, such as scratching, burns, cuts, accidental blows;
- lithium-based medicines and beta-blockers, antimalarials, corticosteroids;
- throat infections caused by the beta-hemolytic streptococcus bacterium;
- altered metabolism, but also a diet low in calcium;
- cigarette smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

Other conditions that can aggravate the frequency and severity of skin flare-ups are:
- exposure to cold temperatures that dehydrate the skin and make it dry and more sensitive;
- washing with hot or excessively cold water;
- using aggressive detergents and even more so prolonged immersion in water;
- wearing tight clothing and irritating fabrics;
- rubbing the lesions with sponges, gloves, abrasive scrubs or vigorously drying the skin.

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